Cricket Video Overlays

How to add Score Overlays for Cricket Live Stream

In 3 easy steps, you can setup professional, dynamic and eye-catching score overlays to your Cricket live streaming, using Mazeyou’s Video Overlay system.

The days are past when people would watch their local cricket tournament by visiting the nearby public ground. Almost a decade ago online scoring platforms for Cricket, such as emerged, bringing all the scorecards online, live, for cricket lovers to consume local matches, not limiting themselves to just national/international cricket. And over the past 4-5 years, with the widespread availability of smart phones and high-speed internet on them, viewers are flocking to these mini-screens to watch these matches live on platforms such as YouTube and Facebook.

Mazeyou has been the video partner to Chauka, covering 1000s of cricket matches happening around India (ranging from the prestigious Assam Premier Club Championship ( to local corporate tournaments (, and providing value-added services like score overlays, video highlights, and so much more to several cricket organizations around the world. In this post, we’ll explain how you can also use Mazeyou’s Video Overlay solution to add dynamic overlays such as Bottom Ticker (Lower-third), Match Summary, Player Information, Tournament Points etc to your own live coverage, with TV-broadcast quality.

Step 1: Get your coupon code

Mazeyou’s video overlay system works on a coupon-code basis. When you purchase a coupon-code, it’ll have a set number of matches/days allotted to it. As you use the coupon code for a match’s coverage, 1 credit will be reduced from your allotment.

To buy the coupon code, head over to the purchase page here. You’ll receive your coupon code via email.

Step 2: Setup your Chauka scoring app

On the day of the match, ask your scorer to do the following on the Chauka Cricket Scorer app. Note that the video overlay feature is Android-only at the moment, even though the scoring app is available on iOS as well.

Step 3: Setup the overlays on your streaming software (OBS / Vmix / Streamlabs etc)

  • Go to the Video Overlays page for Cricket
  • Enter the coupon code you obtained in Step 1
  • In the settings page:
    1. Enter the Match ID (obtain from website or mobile app)
    2. Select a theme (you can select any theme based on the plan you purchased – Standard/Deluxe/Premium)
    3. Hit Get Links button
    4. Use the Copy Link button to copy a special link to your clipboard
    5. Go to theĀ  streaming software that you use (Vmix/OBS/Streamlabs etc), add a “Browser” input, and paste the link you just copied (Ctrl+v). If there is an option to set the width and height of the browser input, make sure to set it to the same width and height as the video (1920×1080 (1080p – Full HD), 1080×720 (720p – HD) etc)
    6. Use the Remote Control link to open a controller page, from where you can switch to different kinds of Overlays, as the match proceeds.
Cricket Overlays settings page, where you can select theme, color combinations etc

That’s all – in 3 steps, you can now start streaming cricket matches to Facebook, YouTube etc, with highly engaging dynamic video overlays!