Church Video Overlays

Video Tutorials for using overlays for Church worship live streaming


MazeYou let’s you overlay information on top of your live stream to Youtube, Facebook etc. For example, you can overlay Bible Verses, Song Lyrics, Speaker information, Donation information etc; on top of your video.

Benefits of using MazeYou Worship Stream Video Overlays: 1. Very easy to set up and use 2. Updates your live stream in real time 3. Supports multiple languages 4. Supports different mixing softwares like OBS, vMix, Wirecast, Streamlabs etc.


This video shows you how to get started with MazeYou worship overlays. MazeYou’s overlays system work on coupon-code basis. You can receive the coupon by sigining up with In case of any questions or additional information, you can reach out to MazeYou’s team via the contact form on the website.


Here, let’s learn about how to choose from different options like themes, bottom ticket text, bible version, organization logo, songs and lyrics etc to change the look and feel of the overlays on your live stream.

These options choices change based on the coupon code and the package selected.

You will receive a “Output Overlay Link” once the above options are chosen and saved. This link is/will be used in your mixing software like OBS, Wirecast, Streamlabs etc.


In this video, learn three simple tasks to get your mixing software and the MazeYou’s link together to start broadcasting the overlays on your live streaming.


Finally, in this video learn how to use the Controller page to add / delete different overlay controls like Verse, Book, Songs and Lyrics etc.

Benefits of the controller page : 1. Change the overlay content per your needs, 2. Get the content update on your stream in real time (instantly) 3. Get TV grade sermons with dynamic overlays!