Church Video Overlays

Church Live Streaming with MazeYou’s Automated Overlays

Church live streaming production values have never been so high yet so easy to achieve with MazeYou’s Automated video overlays for your mixing software such as OBS, vMix, Streamlabs OBS, Wirecast or others.

Major benefits of MazeYou’s live streaming overlay system are:

  • Free video overlays for OBS, vMix, Streamlabs, Wirecast or any other video mixer for live streaming on mobile or your laptop/system to get started
  • Advanced custom video overlay themes and templates can be created based on request
  • No need for cut and paste or screen capture and no special software install to use MazeYou’s free video mixer overlays for church live stream
  • You can control everything from mobile app or a browser
  • You can easily switch between following options to mix on live stream video:
    • Donation collection option with donation goal and donation ticket
    • Title and Subtitle of speaker giving Church Service
    • Any Caption on video and Logo of Church
    • Scrolling text below church live stream
    • Easy to search and display verse overlay from several multi-lingual Bibles
    • Display Verse view with pictures in full screen on top of church service video stream
    • Multi-lingual devotional song lyrics on video

Please see simple steps to use MazeYou’s video overlays for church live streaming.